😱 Imagine All your money, disappearing at any time 💸


Revolut may disappear your money at any time, and they will not tell you why. They will then block you from the app leaving you with no support number or other means of contacting them.
Read my story of losing my €3,100 without explanation before putting any money in Revolut.

Man losing £15,000 From Revolut Mistake
Man losing £15,000 From Revolut Mistake

But you don’t have to take my word for it, read more about a man losing £150,000(!)


Revolut Scam
Revolut Scam

I used to have €3,100 in my Revolut account for a couple of months. All of a sudden I get a message from Revolut saying that they decided to close my account. And that would not send me back my money. No, all the money should go back to whoever paid funds into my account. I hadn’t used my account much for a couple of months so allegedly they sent back all the money to another Revolut account holder that I had sold Bitcoin to. Yeah I know some of you guys now say that if I trade in Bitcoins and get burned, I should just man up and accept losses as part of the game. But there are other reasons for not using Revolut.

There is no real support in the app

Depending on the ticket category, your support queries may stay in queue forever without recourse or any other means of contacting them.

When Revolut decide to close your account and confiscate the funds in it, there will be no way of contacting them.

First the app will just show support tickets that never get a responce and eventually you will not even be allowed to login. At this point your money has been disappeared from your point of view, and You have been disappeared from Revolut’s point of view.

Now you ask yourself: Is this legal? the clearly must be some regulation of banking? and correct, it’s not legal, and yes there is supposed to be regulation of banking. And Revolut does not live up to the standars. This is why their CEO quit and they are looking into moving your money to other juristictions where you will not have any legal recourse.

Revolut has been accepting more customers than they can handle

And they don’t comply with banking regulations. It’s a house of cards that will eventually fall down.

what can you do when Revolut close your account and confiscate your funds.

You need to do a consumer complain in the juristiction of Revolut. When I lost my money, the juristiction was the UK, but Revolut later claimed they would move to Estonia. At the time of writing I still see them listed in the UK, so I will post the link to the customer complaint link with UK authorities.

Help Out

If you have good material that shows how Revolut screws their customers over, please contact us on the contact page.

If you want an alternative to Revolut, you can try Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin, ecoPayz etc.