Hello Brave new world!

Please help us spread the word that your money can disappear at any time if you put any money in Revolut.

Don’t repeat our mistake and keep €3100 in Revolut that they just sent back to whoever I received it from, no questions asked. At least this guy lost way more (£150,000). Still it hurt me to just lose €3,100 with no explanation around xmas in thwe middle of the China Virus Pandemic. So I’m trying to raise awareness about this site and connect it more with the redit section where it seems like Revolut actually answers sometimes. Here’s our first effort to be better noticed on the internet: bioimagingcore.be, www.bookmark-help.win, zeef.com, beterhbo.ning.com, www.click-bookmark.win, el-jeel.com, academic-profile.ejust.edu.eg, usimlh.contently.com, diigo.com, www.bravobookmarks.win, www.phone-bookmarks.win, evjfevg.com, torgi.gov.ru, www.onfeetnation.com, www.metal-archives.com, www.cast-bookmarks.win, franciscodylk960.huicopper.com, www.fastbookmarks.win, www.bookmark-jungle.win, www.rankbookmarkings.win, hamroanswer.com, www.insert-bookmark.win,