Everyone is recommended to close their Revolut accounts before the money disappears

Revolut didn’t follow the banking laws back in the UK and have been moving to Eastern Europe instead. But not after the CEO quit because he didn’t want to be responsible for their accounting mess. Either way, they closed my account and kept €3100 that was in it. That kind of sucked so now I’m trying to inform others. In order to be more visible, please link to https://revolutsucks.net/ from your blogs or in comments. I’ve been trying to gather inlinks and here’s some I managed to find: www.web-bookmarks.win, abroadsanjal.com, www.yankee-bookmarkings.win, qaclassifieds.com, www.bookmark-url.win, ansfair.com, www.indiegogo.com, almubdem3rfy.com, www.adsolutionsincorp.com, el-jeel.com, o0s.net, anotepad.com, www.list-bookmarks.win, peatix.com, ealimalhulul.com, anchor.fm, www.blaze-bookmarks.win, news.gvgmall.com, limitonion7.wordpress.com, sc.sie.gov.hk, prayercaresharenetwork.com, Keep up the good job!